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Tim Mcgraw, Don't Take The Girl - Chords (ver.1)

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Don't Take The Girl - Chords (ver.1)

Tim Mcgraw Tabs
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                this is my first ever tab so take it easy on me but i did the best i could but i have no
problem with constructive criticism

     Gsus4  G    Bm   C   D                    

                                              Played when u see  Insert
e----3-----3----2----0---2---                 e---------------------------
b----1-----0----3----1---3---                 b---------------------------
g----0-----0----4----0---2---                 g---------------------------
d----0-----0----4----2---0---                 d-------0--------------------
a----2-----2----0----3---*---                 a---0h2------------------------
e----3-----3----0----0---*---                 e---------3------------------

Words and Music by Craig Martin and Larry W. Johnson


Gsus4         G Gsus4               G      
Johnny's daddy was takin' him fisin'
Gsus4                    G
When he was eight years old ---


Gsus4        G Gsus4                   G
A little girl came through the front gate
Gsus4             G
Holdin a fishin' pole
His dad looked down and smiled,
Said, "We can't leave her behind

Son I know you don't want   her to go

Someday you'll change your mind."

And Johnny said,
Gsus4           G   Gsus4           G
Take Jimmy Johnson take Tommy Tompson
G sus               G
Take my best friend Bo.
Gsus4                  G     Gsus4                G
Take anybody that you want as long as she don't go
Take any boy in the world -- Daddy, please
Don't take the girl


Gsus4       G  Gsus4          G  Gsus4               G
Same ol' boy, same sweet girl, ten years down the road


Gsus4                                  G  Gsus4
He held her tight and kissed her lips in front of the picture show.
Bm                                   C                     
A stranger came and pulled a gun and grabbed her by the arm
Bm                                   C
Said, "If you do what I tell you to, there won't be any harm."

And Johnny said
Gsus4         G  Gsus4        G   Gsus4            G
"Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards
Gsus4                                  G   Gsus4                 G
Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me, here's the key to my car.
Am                                 D
Mr., give it a whirl, but please, don't take the girl.


Gsus4       G  Gsus4          G  Gsus4                G
Same ol' boy, same sweet girl, five years down the road


Gsus4                      G   Gsus4                        G   
There's gonna be a little one and she says, "It's time to go."
Bm                            C      
Doctor said, "The baby's fine but , you'll have to leave
Bm                              C
`Cause his mama's fadin' fast," and Johhny hit his knees.

And then he prayed,
Gsus4                           G   Gsus4                   G
"Take the very breath you gave me, take the heart from my chest.
Gsus4                                      G
I'll gladly take her place if you'll have me
Gsus4                 G
Make this my last request
Am                                      D
Take me out of this world, God, please, don't take the girl.
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