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Rent, Santa Fe Chords

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Santa Fe Chords

(ver. 1)
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                A                      C
New York City! (uh huh.) Centre of the universe. (sing it, girl)
A                        C
Times are sh*tty, but I'm pretty sure they can't get worse. (I hear ya.)
A                                 C
It's a comfort to know, when you're singing the "Hit the Road Blues"
     A                                        C             N/C
That anywhere else you could possibly go after New York would be:
A Pleasure cruise.

A                             C
Now you're Talkin'. (collins's trademark evil laugh, lol muahaha)
         A                       C
Well I'm thwarted by a metaphysic puzzle
        A                             C
And I'm sick of gradin' papers, that I know.
    A                            C
I'm shouting in my sleep I need a muzzle
    A                             C
And all this misery pays no salary so

C                      Gadd9        A    
Let's Open up a restaurant in   Santa Fe
 C                    Gadd9        A
   Sunny Santa Fe Would be Nice
   C                       Gadd9        A 
   Let's Open up a Restaurant in Santa Fe
  C                             Gadd9       E           A  
And leave this to the roaches and mice.
   Cadd9        Dadd9        G            Cadd9 
      F           E                  A                       C  

A                       C
You teach? Yeah, I teach Computer age philosophy
        A                                C
When my students would rather watch T.V.? America. (America)
         Asus2                         C
You're a sensitive aesthete, Brush the sauce onto the meat
        Asus2                        C
You can make the menu sparkle with a rhyme
        Am9                       Cadd9
You can drum a gentle drum, I can seat guests as they come
         Am9                     Cadd9
Chatting not about Heidegger but wine.
   C                     Gadd9        A
Let's open up a restaurant in   Santa Fe
 C                           Gadd9        A
 Our labours would reap financial gain
    C                      Gadd9        A
   We'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe
C                       Gadd9       E           A7
And save from devastation our brains (save our brains)
 Cadd9                       Gadd9             A
We'll pack up all our junk and fly so far away
Cadd9                     Gadd9          A
Devote ourselves to projects that sell
Cadd9               Gadd9         A
We'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe
Cadd9         Gadd9        E           A
Forget this cold bohemian hell
Cadd9        Dadd9       Gadd9         Cadd9
Fadd9       E            A
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh          (whoa oh oh oh whoa oh oh)
Cadd9        Dadd9       Gadd9         Cadd9
Fadd9       E            Aadd9
 Cadd9                             Aadd9             Cadd9
yeah yeah yeah        mmhmm      *strange nasal sounds*

   Aadd9                       Cadd9
   Do    you   know   the    way        To Santa Fe?
   Aadd9                       Cadd9
         You know; tumbleweeds...   prairie dawwwwwgs.
   Aadd9                       Cadd9 (ritando)

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