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Grave Digger Tabs (ver.1)

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Grave Digger Tabs (ver.1)

Matthews Dave
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Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast.
                Some Devil

ive seen this tab on this site, but this is the right way to play it, just 
listen to the song for the timing on the hammer on's and pull off's..

h=hammer on
p=pull off


e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
b ---h1----1---1---p1------1-----p1-----h1----------1--1-----3------h1--1---1---p1--
g ----2----2---2----2--------------------------1----2--------2-------2--2---2----2--
d ----2----2---2----2------2------2------2-----2----2--2-------------2--2---2----2--
a --0------------------------------------------2-------------------0----------------
e -----------------------3------3------3---------------3---2-2----------------------

(verse) cyrus jones 1810 to 1913...

e --------------------------------------------------
b ---h1---1-----1---p1----1-----------h1---1--------
g ----2---2--------------------2-------2---2--------
d ----2---2-----2----2----2----3-------2---2--(start over)
a --0--------------------------3-----0---0----------
e ------------3----3----3------1-------------------- 

(chorus same as intro) gravedigger, when you dig my grave...

(bridge) ring around the rosie...

e --1-------------3---------------------------------------3-----------1------------------
b --3--------1--------1-----------------------------------------1-----3------------------
g --2---2-------------2-----(repeat 3 times, then play)---------2-----2----2--------------
d ------3----2--------3-----------------------------------------3----------3------------
a ------3----3----2---------------------------------------2----------------3---------
e ------1---------3---------------------------------------3----------------1---------

thats it, its pretty easy so enjoy...
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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