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The Rose Chords (ver.1)

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The Rose Chords (ver.1)

Leann Rimes
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                This is LeAnn's version of an awesome song originally sung by Bette Midler.
Hope you like it!!

The Rose
*Capo 2nd Fret

Some say (C) love, it is a (G) river, that (F) drowns the (G) tender re(C)ed.
Some say (C) love, it is a (G) razor, that (F) leads your (G) soul to ble(C)ed.
Some say (C) love it is a (F) hunger, and endless aching (G) need.
I say (C) love, it is a (G) flower and (F) you its only (C)seed.

It's the (C) heart afraid of (G) breaking that (F) never (G)learns to (C) dance.
It's the (C) dream afraid of (G) waking that (F) never (G) takes a (C) chance.
It's the (Em) one who won't be (Am7) taken who (F) cannot seem to (G) give
And the (C) soul afraid of (G) dying that (F) never (G)learns to (C) live.

And the (C) night has been too (G) lonely and the (F) road has (G) been too (C) long.
And you (C) think that love is (G) only for the (F) lucky (G) and the (C) strong.
Just re(Em)member in the (Am7) winter for ben(F)eath the bitter (G) snow
Lies the (C) seed that with the (G) sun's love, in the (F) spring (G)becomes the (C)rose. 
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