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Tonic - If You Could Only See Tabs

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If You Could Only See Tabs

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Words and Music by Emerson Hart
*Standard Tunning (eADGBE)*

	This song has been one of my personal favourites even before I 
started playing guitar. When I went to find tabs for this song's acoustic 
version they were no where to be seen. So here's my transcription of it. 

Any corrections, comments, questions, or death threats, Email me.

For the intro this is how it goes (The intro is basically the chorus 

 		  Am		 C
If you could only see the way she loves me
                     G     *      G/F
Then maybe you would understand
                Am             C 
Why I feel this way about our love
                G     *    G/F
And what I must do
                  Am                C                    G     *    
If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says
G/F (break)
     When she says she loves me

*: when you play the G chord mute the A string and hammer on and off second 
fret of the G string for a cool little lick you can here in the recording 
if you listen carefully

Am  - 002210 
C   - x32010 
G   - 3X0033 
G/F - 1X0033 


*NOTE: For verse parts play Gtr. 1 chords fluently (withought the F) and 
don't play Gtr.2. Listen to the song.

Gtr. 1:
    Asus2        C         G         F
E |--0--0--------0--0------0--0-----0---0---|
B |--0--0--------0--0------0--0-----0---0---|
G |--2--2--------5--5------4--4-----2---2---|
D |--2--2--------5--5------5--5-----3---3---|
A |--0--0--------3--3------5--5-----3---3---|
E |--0--0------------------3--3-----1---1---|

Gtr. 2:
E |-----------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------8-8s10-------|
G |-------------------7s9-7-----------------|
D |-------9s10-9----------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------|

If you don't have someone to play Grt. 2 then you can play it this way 
on  your own and it sounds good

    Asus2        C           G          F
E |--------------------------0--0---x---0---0--x-x--|
B |-------0h1-0-------3h5-3--0--0---x---0---0--x-x--|
G |--2--2--------5--5--------4--4---x---2---2--x-x--|
D |--2--2--------5--5--------5--5---x---3---3--x-x--|
A |--0--0--------3--3--------5--5---x---3---3--x-x--|
E |--0--0--------------------3--3---x---1---1--x-x--|

Asus2 - 002200 
C5    - X355XX 
G5*   - 355400 
F     - 133200 


     G5 A5           G5 A5       G5 A5           G5 A5  
E |------------------------------------------------------------  
B |------------------------------------------------------------
G |------------------------------------------------------------
D |--5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x-5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x---
A |--5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x-5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x---
E |--3s5-5-5-5-x-x-x-3s5-5-5-x-x-3s5-5-5-5-x-x-x-3s5-5-5-x-x---

      E5 F5           E5 F5         D
E |-------------------------------0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|
B |-------------------------------3---3-3-3--3-3---3---3--x-x---|
G |-------------------------------4---4-4-4--4-4---4---4--x-x---|
D |--2s3-3-3-3-x-x-x-2s3-3-3-x-x--0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|
A |--2s3-3-3-3-x-x-x-2s3-3-3-x-x--5---5-5-5--5-5---5---5--x-x---|
E |--0s1-1-1-1-x-x-x-0s1-1-1-x-x--0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|

Here is how it goes with the words

G5 A5             G5 A5   G5 A5      G5 A5   
       Well you got your reasons
E5 F5              E5 F5  D*
       And you got your lies
G5 A5              G5 A5      G5 A5    G5 A5
       And you got your manipulations
E5 F5              E5 F5     D
       They cut me down to size

G5 - 3550XX 
A5 - 577XXX 
E5 - 022XXX 
F5 - 133XXX 
D  - 050430 

Now this isn't completely right, but it sounds okay. I split it into four 
major parts, try and fit it in with the song.

Gtr. 1 
Play this behind the whole solo

E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x--4--4-4-4-4--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5--x-x--7--7-7-7-7-7-7--|
A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5--x-x--7--7-7-7-7-7-7--|
E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|

Gtr. 2

E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-/5-x-3-x-------------------|
B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-/5-x-3-x-5--3-3h5p3--------|
G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x----------5----------5p4p0--|
D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x----------------------------|
A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x----------------------------|
E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x----------------------------|

E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x------------------0-------|
B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--------------------0-----|
G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x------------/5------------|
D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x----------2-/7--7------7--|
A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x-----3-5------------------|
E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-3h5----------------------|

E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--------------------5-------|
B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-3-3h5p3--------------5-----|
G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x---------5p4p0-/5-----------|
D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x---------------/7-7------7--|
A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x----------------------------|
E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x----------------------------|

E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-----------------------------|
B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-----------------------------|
G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x------------/5--7-5h7p5------|
D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x----------2-/7----------7-5--|
A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x-----3-5---------------------|
E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-3h5-------------------------|

Rythm Figure

Riff 1
Riff 2 x2
Riff 3 x2
Riff 2
Riff 1
Riff 2
Riff 3 x2
Riff 2
Riff 1
Riff 2x2
Riff 1
End the song on three strokes of 133200.(F)
Well that's about it for the song, good luck and please send me any 
correction or opinions to the address above.
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