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Pigs On The Wing Ukulele - Pink Floyd

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Pigs On The Wing Ukulele

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Pink Floyd
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       A little while ago, someone wrote in requesting tabs for some Pink
     Floyd songs, among them Pigs on the Wing, parts One and Two.  Well,
     here you go.  Its a simple song, really; just strumming chords,
     though I like the arrangement alot.  The chords used are, with a
     couple of exceptions, basic garden-variety ones, and are shown below:

         G    Gsus4  G(frm2)    C   Csus4   A    Am    A7     D
     E --3--  --3--   -----   --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --3-- --2--
     B --3--  --3--   --0--   --1-- --1-- --2-- --1-- --2-- --3--
     G --0--  --0--   --0--   --0-- --0-- --2-- --2-- --2-- --2--
     D --0--  --0--   --0--   --2-- --3-- --2-- --2-- --2-- --0--
     A --2--  --3--   -----   --3-- --X-- --0-- --0-- --0-- -----
     E --3--  --X--   -----   ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

       Dsus4   F   Am7/B
     E --3-- --1-- --0-- <-----| This chord that I call Am7/B is probably not
     B --3-- --1-- --1---------|      really called by that name, but for the sake
     G --2-- --2-- --0---------|      of labelling, I'll call it that.
     D --0-- --3-- --2---------|
     A ----- --3-- --2---------|
     E ----- --1-- ------------|

     The intro consists of just playing alternating G and C major chords.
     For the pattern, just listen to the song.  Here's the main part.  As
     this is the first time I've tried to notate something like this on a
     computer, please forgive the clutter.

     G             C         Csus4      C
     If you didn't care

                      G      Gsus4      G
     what happened to me

                  C          Csus4      C
     And I didn't care

          G       Gsus4     G             A               G(frm2) A G(frm2)
     For you.                    We would zig-zag our way

                 A7                     G              C
     Through the boredom and pain.      Occasionally   glancing

   D              G      Am             F                 Am         F
   up through the rain       Wondering       which of the buggers to blame

     C    Am7/B   Am         D        Dsus4   D               G
                         And watching         for pigs on the wing.

          Part 2 is the same chords played to new lyrics, with the rhythm
     varied a bit in some parts, but just by listening, one can pick them
     up quickly.  Hope everyone enjoys.

                             -Da Beav'
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