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James Taylor - Your Smiling Face Chords

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Your Smiling Face Chords

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James Taylor
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                 "Your Smiling Face"
    James Taylor

"Hey yoooohhh?..mga kakosa"? "mga addict sa guitara"
Some of the tabs are too hard 2 play ?..that's why I fixed it ?.here is my tab
I hope you enjoy it !!!!!!J

Capo IV (All chords relative to the capo)

F/E: 033211
D/C#: X40232
G/F#: 200033

D-0-2-3-4-5(hold 2 measures)-0-2-3-4-5-------------|(hold 2 measures)

Verse 1:
    C      C/B      Am      G       F       F/E   Dm7       G
Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I
     C    Am    F    G
love you.
    C             C/B     Am            G       F        F/E    Dm7
And when you give me that pretty little pout it turns me inside out.
        G          C       Am            F    G
There's somethin' about ya baby, I don't know.

Am       G         F        C      G    Ab   Am
Isn't it amazing a man like me can feel this way?
G   F                C                   F             G
Oh, tell me how much longer.  I can grow stronger everyday

Verse 2:
  D                D/C#                   Bm        A            G      G/F#
I thought I was in love just a couple of times before with the girl
      Em7      A                 D                 Bm               G
next door, but that was long before I met ya.  Now I'm sure that I
won't forget ya.
      D        D/C#   Bm  A      G       G/F#     Em7     A
And I thank my lucky stars that you are who you are and not just
 D             Bm              G        A
another lovely lady set out to break my heart.
Repeat Chorus:

Somebody talk to me
E          C#m           A         B                      E
No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today
C#m                 A                     B
Whenever I see you smilin' at me
E          C#m           A         B                       E
No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today
         C#m                A                         B
Whenever I see you shine that lovely thing my way


   E                       C#m
No body gonna turn me but
        A                              B
No body gonna put me down
                            E                    C#m
No body gonna put?me wrong babe
        A                            B
When ever I see your smiling
   E               C#m             A        B
No one can tell me that I'm?..doing wrong today..
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