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Love Is The Answer Tabs

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England Dan
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Tuning: EADGBe
F#m	244222
F#m7	242222
FM7	1x3210 use thumb on E (6th) string, however, this optional.
F	xx3211
DM7	xx0222
D	xx0232
D6	xx0202
D9/B	x20230
E	022100
C	x32010
Csus4	x32011
C#m7	x46454
C9sus	x4444x
G	3x0033
A	x02220
A5	5xxx55
B	x24440
Bm7	x24232

Legend: * - indicate an abrupt change in chord.
	\ - slide up

Intro:	F#m-DM7-Bm7-
	D-E,D6,G-A5*A5 pause

     F#m                  DM7                  Bm7

     FM7 F FM7  A   B   B                           A   B  C Csus4  C

      D  E  D6  G     A           pause

F#m7        C#m7
Name your price,
            F#m7 C#m7
A ticket to paradise
         Bm7         DM7
I can`t stay here anymore
                 F#m7     C#m7
And I`ve looked high and low
                F#m7              C#m7
I`ve been from shore to shore to shore
               Bm7                 DM7
If there`s a short cut I`d have found it
              Bm7      C#9sus  C#9sus,C#9sus hold
But, there is no easy way around it


              F#m   DM7      C#m7
Light of the world, shine on me,
F#m          Bm7
Love is the answer;
            F#m7  DM7     C#m7
Shine on us all,  set us free,
F#m          Bm7
Love is the answer.

F#m7       C#m7
Who knows why,
        F#m7        C#m7
Someday we all must die.
            Bm7              DM7
We`re all homeless boys and girls,
            F#m7   C#m7
And we are never heard,
             F#m7                   C#m7
It`s such a lonely, lonely, lonely world.
        Bm7                         DM7
People turn their heads and walk on by,
                Bm7                C#9sus, C#9sus hold
Tell me, is it worth just another try?

	(Repeat Chorus)


         F#m7    DM7
Tell me, are we alive,
Or just a dying planet?
FM7   F  FM7  A  B*B
What are the chances?
 A   B   C  Csus4   C    D    E   D6  G   A5*A5 hold
Ask the man  in   your heart for the answers.

             C#m7   F#m7
And when you feel afraid,
  G         D
(Love one another)

             C#m7     F#m7
When you`ve lost your way,
  G         D
(Love one another)

          C#m7       F#m7
And when you`re all alone,
  G         D
(Love one another)

                C#m7      F#m7
And when you`re far from home,
  G         D
(Love one another)

                C#m7      F#m7
And when you`re down and out,
  G         D
(Love one another)

               C#m7     F#m7
And when your hopes run out,
  G         D
(Love one another)

              C#m7    F#m7
And when you need a friend,
  G         D
(Love one another)

                C#m7     F#m7
And when you`re near the end
Love, we`ve got to love
               G             Bm7 hold
We`ve got to love one another...

	(Repeat Chorus 2x)

D9/B         Bm7   D9/B-F#m7 pause
Love is the answer.
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