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Crosby Stills Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Tabs

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Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Tabs

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Crosby Stills Nash
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                I got the original chords from the ftp site.  Thanks to Glen Macon for posting

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{define:Gsus7 1 1 1 0 0 2 3}
{title:Suite: Judy Blue Eyes}
{st:by Stephen Stills}

[D]It's getting to the [C]point where [G]I'm no [D]fun any [A]more, I am [G]sorry.   [Gsus7]

[D]Sometimes it [C]hurts so [G]badly I [D]must cry out [A]loud, I am [G]lonely.  [Gsus7]

[D]Remember what we've [C]said, and [G]done, and [D]felt about each [A]other

Oh babe, have [G]mercy.     [Gsus7]

[D]Don't let the [C]past [G]remind us of [D]what we are not [A]now.

I am not [G]dreaming.   [Gsus7]

I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are, [Gsus7]you make it [D]hard.   [G]

[D]Tearing your[C]self [G]away from me [D]now, you are [A]free, I am [G]crying.   [Gsus7]

[D]This does not [C]mean I don't [G]love you, [D]I do, that's [A]forever,

yes and for [G]always.   [Gsus7]

I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are, [Gsus7]you make it [D]hard.   [G]

[D]Something in[C]side is [G]telling me that [D]I've got your [A]secret.

Are you still [G]listening?   [Gsus7]

[D]Fear is the [C]lock, and [G]laughter the [D]key to your [A]heart.

And I [G]love you.   [Gsus7]

I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are,  [Gsus7]

[D]you make it [G]har[D]d, [G]and you make it [D]hard.

[D]Friday evening, Sunday in the [G]afternoon,   [Gsus7]

what have you got to [D]lose?

Tuesday mornin', please be gone I'm [G]tired of you.   [Gsus7]

What have you got to [D]lose?

[C]Can I tell it like it is?  [G]Listen to me baby,

[C]It's my heart that's a suffering, [G]it's dyin', and that's what I have to [D]lose.

[D]I've got an answer, I'm going to [G]fly away.   [Gsus7]

What have you got to [D]lose?

[D]Will you come to see me Thursdays and [G]Saturdays?   [Gsus7]

What have you got to [D]lose?

[C]Chestnut brown [D]canary, [C]ruby throated [D]sparrow,

[C]sing a [Bm]son[Am]g, [C]don't be [Bm]lon[Am]g, [C]thrill me to the [D]marrow.

[C]Voices of the [D]angels, [C]ring around the [D]moonlight,

[C]Asking [Bm]me, [Am]said [C]she so [Bm]fre[Am]e, [C]how can you catch the [D]sparrow?

[C]Lacy lilting [D]lyrics [C]losing love la[D]menting,

[C]change my [Bm]lif[Am]e, [C]make it [Bm]rig[Am]ht, [C]be my [D]lady.

[G]do do do do [Am]do, do__ [Em]do [C]do do [D]do do (repeat 8 times)

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