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Barenaked Ladies - Too Little Too Late Chords

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Too Little Too Late Chords

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Barenaked Ladies
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                Barenaked Ladies - Too Little Too Late

*: These chords are right because I watched them in concert and saw the real chords. I 
100% on the bridge, but the rest is pretty much perfect.  I dont know most of the names 
these chords, so I am just
making them up, but here is how you play them.

*D1-     xx0032
*D1sus4- xx0033
*D2-     x20032
*D2sus4- x20033
*D3-     x30032
*D3sus4- x30033
D-       xx0232
Dsus4-   xx0233
Em-      022000
G-       320033
Cadd9-   032033
*C1-     032013


Intro (2x)
D1, D1sus4, D1, D1sus4
D2, D2sus4, D3, D3sus4

(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus4) (D3)(D3sus4)
You say      "Why does    everything   revolve around you?"
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus4) (D3)(D3sus4)
You say      "Why does    everything I do confound you?"
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)                  (D3)
You say      that I       pulled the world from under you,
(D2)                    (D)
you can't go through it this time

           (G)         (D cut it off)
I could be good, and I would- if
(C1)              (D)
I knew I was understood
                (G)         (D cut it off)
And it would be great, just wait- Or is it
too little too late

Intro (1x)

(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus4)       (D3)(D3sus4)
One day,     this         embarrassment will fade behind me
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus4)         (D3)(D3sus4)
And that day I could      think of things that won't remind me
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)           (D3)
But these days it's       unbearable for both of us
(D2)                    (D)
We can't )discuss it    this way

(Em)        (D)                 (G)              (Em)
I'm gaining strength, trying to learn to pull me own weight
(Em)            (D)           (G)          (Em)     (D)
But I'm gaining pounds at the precipice of Too Late Just wait


(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus2) (D3)(D3sus4)
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus2) (D3)(D3sus4)
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2) (D2sus4) (D3) (D3sus4) (D2) (D2sus4) (D) (Dsus4)

(Em)       (D)         (G)              (Em)
Record and play, after years of endless rewind
(Em)      (D)    (G)             (Em)
Yesterday wasn't half as good as this time

(G)             (Cadd9)
This time isn't Hell
(G)                  (Cadd9)
Last time I couldn't tell
(G)              (Cadd9)
This mind wasn't well
(Em)       (D)
Next time, hope I'm...

Chorus (2x)

(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus2) (D3)(D3sus4)
(D1)(D1sus4) (D1)(D1sus4) (D2)(D2sus2) (D3)(D3sus4)
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