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Barenaked Ladies
"A" by the Barenaked Ladies

Listen to the song for the rhythm, I did my best to mark out the strumming pattern 

     A*       C#m7
G|------6-6---4------------|  x 2
    .   ^ .   .

     A*       C#m7             A*        C#m7
    .   ^ .   .    ^  . ^ . ^  .   ^ .   .    ^  . ^ . ^

     A*       C#m7             G*        Bm7
    .   ^ .   .    ^  . ^ . ^  .   ^ .   .    ^  . ^ . ^

This pattern is used for all of the verses.  Often on the second C#m7 they throw the 
up to fret 7 for the last two strums.

A*    C#m7                 A*           C#m7
A is for angry, which is what you are at me

A*    C#m7                 G*            Bm7
A is for adult, which is what I'll never be

A*   C#m7               A*          C#m7
A is for applesauce, my favorite meal

A*   C#m7                G*      Bm7
A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel;

              G*      Bm7                  E
Like I'm the only man on Earth, and I've forgotten what that's worth

A is for Arthur, he's a lovable drunk
A M & Azing, like Thelonius Monk
A is for argument, A is for apparent
A is for antagonism that's not even there and
it's just you begging for attention or something I won't even mention

       D          E(7)         A       A7
And I don't even know why you keep on trying

       D           E(7)        A       A7
Like I don't even know why I keep on lying

           D            Bm        G              F#m
There are millions of people in worlds of their own

     D           A        E
And two of them can't let go

A is for algebra, I learned it in school
A is what Fonzie said, 'cause he was very cool
A is for adversary, A is for affection
A's for  arousal, you are giving me an erection
C'mon I'm trying to show affection for longer than a half an hour


(I'm not totally sure on this part, but it's the best I could do)

Gm  F  Dm  Gm  Cm  Bb  Gm  Cm Dm

Gm           F
I met a woman I used to know

Dm       Gm
Long before you, long ago

Cm               Bb
All I could say, after hello

Gm              Cm     Dm
  Was "are you still single?"

A is for attitude I can't help but wield
A is for arrogance; emotional shield
A is for acting, A is for abhorrently
A is for a**hole, which is what I am, how rude of me.
I owe you an apology I'm sorry


Then it repeats the intro riff for a while.

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