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Wolf Parade, Yulia Chords (ver.1)

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Yulia Chords (ver.1)

Wolf Parade Tabs
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Diamonds in the face of night time
C#                                           Eb
Watch them as they float along
I was up there floating with them
C#                                           Eb
And you know that I am gone


    Fm            Eb                       C#             Eb
The radio sings a patriot’s song, it’s the devil that you know
 Ab     C#     Ab
Yulia  Yulia  Yulia  Yulia

We were standing on the platform
C#                                     Eb
The favorite sons of history
While you’re back in Prostronaya
C#                              Eb
Writing in your diary


     Fm                Eb                      C#           Eb
They flip on switch at mission control and I’m never coming home
Ab     C#     Ab
Yulia  Yulia  Yulia  Yulia


C#                                              Fm
Oh! I woke up from a fever dream
C#                                              Fm
Oh! Of floating in the salty sea
C#               Eb           Fm                   
I’m stranded up here floating along
                   Eb         C#
and my heart beats slow and I hope they
Bring my body back

So when they turn the cameras on you
C#                                            Eb
Baby please don’t speak of me
Point up to the dark above you
C#                                        Eb
As they edit me from history


    Fm                       Eb
I’m 20 million miles from a comfortable home
    C#            Eb
And space is very cold
Ab     C#       Ab
Yulia  Yulia  Yulia  Yulia

        Ab                       C#                 
There’s nothing out here nothing out here nothing out
Fm                       Eb
nothing out here nothing out here x2

Alternatively, stich a Capo on 1:

Verse: G   C   D   G   C   D.
Chorus: Em   D   C   D   G   C   G.
Bridge: C   Em   C   Em   C   D   Em   D   C   D   G
End after chorus: G   C   Em   D
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