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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Tabs (ver.2)

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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Tabs (ver.2)

The Wedding Present
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                okay, this is kind of incomplete, but i'm working on it.  if i screwed up, 
or if you know the rest of this song, please either correct it here or 

"yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" by The Wedding Present

main riff:  this is the riff that is used throughout the intro and the 
G------------------------  the "5h7h5" bit is an A hammered to and released 
D------------------------  from the 7th fret (B)

this gets repeated ad infinitum through the verses.  the chorus, i think, 
is just an open D chord, but i'm not sure.  the song doesn't seem 
altogether that difficult.  now the groovy part--lyrics:

I really don't believe that this is happening
I tried and tried and tried to think it through
Oh, I heard what you said, I'm just not answering
I guess I'm scared of what I have to do (this line i'm not sure of)

You know that I'll come running to you when you call
You know ??????????? whatever you've got planned
You know you mix me up, I can't think straight at all
My head tells me I shouldn't be here and
My heart says "Yeah!"
"Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"x3

instrumental (play main riff)

Hypnotize me with those crazy eyes of yours
You crack me open like a coconut
You've got me crawling 'round ?????????????

bridge (which i can't play as yet)
I want you now, let's just take it all away}x2
I don't care how, I'll do anything you say }/

How on Earth did I get myself into this?
How much stranger is it gonna get?
How do you hold me prisoner with just a kiss?
repeat "Yeah"s through the end of the song and end with 5 "Yes"s
that's all I could figure out.  i'm pretty sure of the lyrics, except for 
the ??????????? parts.  the singer mumbles.  a lot.  like i said, any 
additions or corrections, please either correct this file, or e-mail me 
with them.

peter herman
Tabs too difficult? Try these video lessons and learn fast.

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