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Blind Faith Chords (ver.1)

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Blind Faith Chords (ver.1)

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                Blind Faith     -- Warrant

This is a great little song by Warrant. Any corrections would be appreciated.
Have Fun!!!!!!

Verse: Em C9 G D/F# 

Bridge: C9 G D

Chorus: G D C9 D


  Em                  C9             G              D/F#     D      Dsus4
6 _________0__________________0____________3_________________2_______3_________
5 ____________0__________________3___________3___________________3_____________
4 _______________0_________0_____________0_____0__________2____________________
3 ______2___________2____2_____________0_________0_____0_______________________
2 ____2_______________3________________________________________________________
1 _0_________________________________3______________2__________________________

   Em                   C9             G        D/F#            D

6 __________0____________________0______________________________2______________
5 _____________0____________________3___________________________3______________
4 ________________0___________0__________________________0______2______________
3 _______2___________2_____2_________________0________0________________________
2 ____2_________________3_________________2________0___________________________
1 _0___________________________________3________2______________________________Play the same thing (Intro) during the verse:


Em     C9     G          D/F#

Darling, I know you're sleeping

Em          C9             G            D/F#

But there's something that I just got to say

Em     C9                G            D/F#

Wonder if you'll hear me while you're dreaming

Em         C9              G     D/F#

You make a lifetime out of everyday


C9                   G

Thanks to you, now I know

       D                     G

All my dreams can come true.


      D         C9           D

Blind Faith in you (oh yeah)

      G     D        C9        D

I got blind faith in you, it's true

G     D        C9    D

Blind faith in you

        Em          C9
And I'm not sure if I deserve

  G        D/F#

A woman so true

      C9    D
But I love, that you think I do


Your eyes keep things well hidden

Just a hint of what your holding inside

And the first day that I met you

I consider the first day of my life





You had faith beside me


When I'm feeling stronger everyday

Tabs too difficult? Try these video lessons and learn fast.

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