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Oklahoma Borderline Chords (ver.1)

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Oklahoma Borderline Chords (ver.1)

Vince Gill
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                Oklahoma Borderline
By Vince Gill

Vince does a hammer on chord and I am not sure how to explain it...play a barre
G then hammer on the 3rd string 4th fret, then 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string 
hammered onto the 5th fret. Axe, any clue how to better explain it?

Well, it’s rainin’ down in Houston, I got holes in both my shoes
Baby put me on the street, she says I’m though with you
She thinks I’m gonna miss her, so I’m gonna tell her that she’s wrong
I’m goin’ back to Oklahoma, boys, cause that’s where I belong

       C        G             C      G
I need one good ride, I’ll be satisfied
C          D           G
Come on Oklahoma borderline
      C        G               C           G
If we rode all night, she’d be comin’ into sight
C         D             G
Come on Oklahoma borderline

Now I don’t need no Texas girl doggin’ me around
I may be an Okie, son, but I still been to town
Well, these Oklahoma City girls, they always treat you right
Tell momma and them I’m comin’ home and I’m leavin’ out tonight


So with 2 bucks in my pocket and my thumb stuck in the wind
When I cross Red River, boys, I won’t be back again
Give me old back roads and truck stops and 18 wheels that whine
And some good old boy to take me to that Oklahoma line

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