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Tinmans Royal Bass tabs (ver.1)

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Tinmans Royal Bass tabs (ver.1)

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                This is realy weird song, think of it as a Gorillaz sorta style. It is a VERY easy song
learn it just has a weird rhythm to it sorta, like the way u play it isnt just straight foward.

G|----------------------------| Intro is played through out the song but just
D|----------------------------| very faintly, but obvious through the chorus
A|----9--7---7--9-9-7---------| and of course, the intro! Weird effect aswell not
E|-9------------------9-------| quite sure what it is. (let the first note ring for
a little, 3rd and last note aswell)

D|-------------------------4h6-----------| Verse, heavy distortion. The fill
A|-44--5544--44--5544--4h7---------------| at the end changes after every
E|---------------------------------------| other bar to...

Verse 1 second fill-
D|-----9-6------------| Other fills in song song are just slides from the 9
A|---------7-9-7--44--| on the E string to 2.

Verse 2 second fill-
G|---------------------| (0h8 is played quicker than the other hammer ons)

Well thats pretty much it i think, Guitar line will be coming soon, we're just working
the effects and weird solo. If you wanna know what the song actually goes like, email
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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