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Placebo Headwound Tabs (ver.1)

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Placebo Headwound Tabs (ver.1)

Flaming Lips
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                PLACEBO HEADWOUND

F    Am    G      C

verse chords:
Gmaj9   D  A  G  [this bass line follows the G:]

  Where does outer space end
  it's sort of hard to imagine
        D-A-G  D             A      G
  Is it real?  Is it nothin, nothin?

chorus chords:
Em  B  C  D [bass follows:]   D7

  Em-B-Em-B [Ooooh....]
  Em                B                C   D  D7
  Cause it's not so clear anymore to me...

[Same chord progression for rest of song]

  Why do birds always fly south
  when sometimes its warm in yer headwound
  Is that nothin? Nothin?
  Cause its not so clear anymore to me...

  And if God hears all my questions
  well how come there's never an answer?
  Is it nothin, nothin?

[Song ends with chords D-A with guitar solo]
[Don't even ask how to play that solo, that's something
only Ronald will ever know.]
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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