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The Click Five, American Royalty Chords (ver.1)

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American Royalty Chords (ver.1)

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Intro: (guitar 1) Eb E   B   F# E B   F# E 
       (guitar 2)        e------------------------------  po=pull off
                         b-5po4-5po4-5po4-7po5-5po4-5po4 (2x)

B                                           Eb E Eb
She's got her name on the A-list everywhere
B                                            Eb E 
Nobody knows where she came from no one cares

F# Ab E F#
          Cause she's a Poptart
F# Ab E B 
          Slash movie star
F# Ab E F#
          Get the picture?
C#            E 
hey, hey, hey look out U.S.A

B          C#
She's got vanity in her veins
E            F#           E
Blue blood don't mean a thing
              Ab                  B 
She waves a backstage pass where nothing's for free
       C#             E          
She's American, American, royalty

Verse 2:
B                                                   Eb E Eb 
She's spending millions on her trust-fund to be seen
B                                           Eb E 
She's on the cover of her favourite magazine

F# Ab E F#
          Bubblegum type
F# Ab E B
          Slash socialite
F# Ab E F#
          Could it be accident
C#           E
  Next thing,  she'll be president

Chorus:. . . end chorus on
       C#             E    F#  
She's American, American, royalty

Bridge:             D-4-  
G                   E-2         E             D
Here's the end of story but the madness don't stop
G                   E-2         E             D
Records sales have fallen and TV shows flop
G                   E-2         E             D
People dry your eyes, she don't need your sympathy
She's American-

F# Ab E F#
          HEY, HEY
F# Ab E B
          HEY HEY
F# Ab E F#
          HEY HEY
C#  E

Chorus: (2x) 
              C#            E           B (let ring)
. . . She's American, American, royalty
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