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System Of A Down, Chop Suey Tabs (ver.3)

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Chop Suey Tabs (ver.3)

System Of A Down Tabs
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                Hi, I have seen this song tabbed out too many times now
so I've decided to let everyone know how this song is actually
played! I have seen S.O.A.D live and I have seen how Daron 
(s.o.a.d's guitarist) plays this song. So I'm 99.9% sure this is
how you play "Chop Suey!".

TUNING: 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st
        C   G   C   F   A   D         S.O.A.D always tune like that....always!

/////// = strumming

INTRO   guitarist part 1

D ---------------------------------
A ---------------------------------
F 5-///////-7-////////-4-////////-2
C 7-///////-9-////////-5-////////-3      x2    (I'm not sure how many times you
G ---------------------------------             play each chord....but it's not 
C ---------------------------------             hard to work out!)

        guitarist part 2   (You obviously need 2 guitarists to play these parts)

D ----------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------     
F 5--5--5--5----7--7--7--7----4--4--4--4----2--2--2--2 
C  7--7--7--7----9--9--9--9----5--5--5--5----3--3--3--3  
G -----------------------------------------------------   
C -----------------------------------------------------  

D ------------------------12-////////-17-////////
A 13-////////-15-////////-12-////////-17-////////
F 14-////////-16-////////-12-////////-17-////////
C -----------------------------------------------      x2
G -----------------------------------------------
C ----------------------------------------------- 


D --------------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------------
F --------------------------------------------
C 7-////////-6-////////-9-////////-12/////////
G 7-////////-6-////////-9-////////-12/////////
C 7-////////-6-////////-9-////////-12-////////         x4

"Wake up!......"

D ----------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------
F ----------------------------------------------------------
C 77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77
G 77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77    x2
C 77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77-7-////////-66-6-////////-77

"I don't think you trust....."

D -------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------
F 5-////////-7-////////-4-////////-2-////////         x2
C 7-////////-9-////////-5-////////-3-////////
G -------------------------------------------
C -------------------------------------------

Then over that this is played....

D -----------------------------
A -----------------------------
F 5--5----7--7----4--4----2--2                        x2
C  7--7----9--9----5--5----3--3                       
G -----------------------------
C -----------------------------

Then play MAIN RIFF x3
Then play the "Wake up!...." part again
Then the "I don't think you trust..." parts again (but play untill the next heavy part)
The play MAIN RIFF x6                              

Then play......

D -------------------------
A --slide-----------slide--
F -------------------------
C 7------15------10------15        That's what you finish the song on!
G 7------15------10------15
C 7------15------10------15


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