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Sublime, Pool Shark Tabs (ver.4)

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Pool Shark Tabs (ver.4)

Sublime Tabs
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This is a great song about Brad’s heroin addiction.  Most of the tab is accurate (I’m 
all the chords are right) but the picking may be slightly wrong.  Oh well you get the idea……

N.B. i submitted this tab before a fe days ago and there were a couple of typing errors 
the intro so here it is again...

	Dm    Am            Dm
e -----5----5---------5---5-----------|
B -----6----5---------5---6-----------|
G -----7----5---------5---7-----------|
D -----7----7---------7---7-----------|
A ---5-5----7------5--7---5-----------|
E ----------5---5-----5---------------|

Verse 1: Brad picks the chords rather than strumming them in the first verse.

	Dm				      Am
e ------------------------------5------------------------------------|
B ------------6-------------------------5----------------------------|
G ---------------7-----------7-------------5----------5-5------------|
D ---------7--------7---------------------------------7-7--7--/------|
A -----5---------------5--5----------7----------7--7--7-7--7--/------|
E -----------------------------------5----------5--5--5-5--5--/------|
      Lying in my…			Thinking how thing…

    Bb					   F
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------6--------------6---------------------------------------------------|
G -----------7--------------7---------------10--------------10---------------|
D -------------8---------------8---------------10----10--------10--10---10---|
A --8--8-----------8---8-----------8---8--8--------8-----8---------8----8----|
E --6------------------6--------------------------------------------------8\-|
    My baby likes…		I like lying…

   Gb					    Db
   Tying off the dinosaur…	tonight used to be so cool


E			B
Now I got the needle,

		E			B
And I can shake, but I can’t breathe

		E				   B
You take it away but I want more and more

  Gb ~~~
One day I’m gonna lose the war……

Verse 2:

Gbm						Dbm
Lying in my plastic bed, thinking how things weren’t so cool to me,

D					A
My baby likes to shoot pool, I like lying naked in my bedroom.

Bb						F
Tying off the dinosaur tonight, used to be so cool.


Gb			 Db
Now I got the needle,

		Gb				Db
And I can shake, but I can’t breathe,

		  Gb					Db
You take it away but I want more and more,

One day I’m gonna lose the war……

(finish on E~~~~~)
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