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Your Ex-lover Is Dead Chords (ver.2)

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Your Ex-lover Is Dead Chords (ver.2)

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 Am   G7/A   C     D/F#  F    G  


Am - G7/A - C - D/F# - F - C

             C                   F  (slide up to) G
God that was strange to see you again
           C                F      G
Introduced by a friend of a friend
                C                      F       G
Smiled and said "yes I think we've met before"
        C                     F        G
In that instant it started to pour
           F                    Am        G  (use A regular open G)
Captured a taxi despite all the rain
            F                   Am        G
We drove in silence across Pont Champlain
                F                      Am      G
And all of that time you thought I was sad
      F                     Am           G
I was trying to remember your name

(Interlude - I just strum an open C here.  Fiddle with the scale if you must.)

Verses 2 and 3 are the same chords as verse 1.

The "Live through this" part is just the intro chords.


Rock on, you emo kids!
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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