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Smash Mouth, Dear Inez

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Dear Inez Chords

(ver. 1)
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BAND: Smash Mouth

Tune down a step. (At least for the power chords, unless you want
to play the ska riffs even higher on the fretboard, otherwise the ska chords
are listed in REGULAR tuning.)

C  - xxx988
Ab - xxx544

Ab5 - x133xx
Bb5 - x355xx
F5  - 355xxx
Eb5 - 133xxx

C         Ab
    Dear Inez
         C              Ab
    Your exterior is so cold
C                     Ab
    Your story's been told
    I've heard it before
C                 Ab
    You wanna get out
C                  Ab
    Don't wanna be down
C               Ab
    Tied to the ground
C                        Ab5
    You wanna slip out


Bb5     F5           Ab5       Bb5
    You wanna go and have your fun
F5      Ab5   Bb5
    You got a son
    F5        Ab5
    You don't want none  

Don't wanna be part  
Your breaking my heart  
As he wanders off
He ain't got none  
Dear Inez  
The kid is trouble at trouble  
He's gonna push, all around  

You wanna go and do your thing  
You never have a wedding ring  
You got something  

G5        Eb5  F5      G5
    Why's everything so rough  
          Eb5  F5       G5
    Why's everything so hard  
          Eb5 F5      Ab5     C5   Ab5
    Why's everyone so wrong

It's not me  
You gotta believe  
I know who you love  
I only know how to push and shove  
Give me a break  
All I have I have to take  
Never a hand out  
You think you have me figured out  
This is what I'm all about

You wanna go and have your fun  
You never think of anyone  
Don't do nothing  

Why's everything so rough  
Why's everything so hard  
Why's everyone so wrong  
   C5      Ab5
So wrong
   C5      Ab5
So wrong
So wrong

Don't know yet.

Dear Inez  
Your exterior is so cold  
Dear Inez there's something about you  
You wanna go and have your fun  
You got a son  
You don't want none  

I've been there I'm trying and I don't give a damn  
I'm gonna cash my checks  
Money in my hands  
No thanks the world is okay by me  
If your gonna blame it on society  
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