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Thairis Air A Ghleann Ukulele Chords (ver.1)

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Thairis Air A Ghleann Ukulele Chords (ver.1)

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                Runrig - Thairis Air A Ghleann

Simple song to play and very pretty.

Intro :

A, D, A, D, E, Bm

F#m, A, D, A, D, A

A         D       A
Choimhead mi ri m' chul
     D         A
Gun neimh gun truas
A         Bm F#m      E
Larach mo chasan mu sgaoil
Bm               A       D
'S iad a triall tron an uir
Gu toiseach s gu deireadh uair
   D/F#             F#m
'S gu na laithean soilleir buan
      Bm  A     E
Thairis air a ghleann

A           E
O mollaidh sinn
   F#m         D
An gaol 's an gras
A thug dhuinn bith
A              E
Cho umhail fo ghrein
     Bm        D
'S i dealradh sios
Air reultan cein

[Use same chords for rest of verses/chorus]

Thainig thu nuas
Gu fasach truagh
'S thog thu am faileas bhon a ghleann
Buidheachas is naire
An tomhas air gach lamh
Togaidh sinn do chliu an aird
Air slighe Dhia



Gaelic Translation:

I looked behind me
Without rancour without pity
To where my footprints were scattered
On their journey through the dust
And to the bright everlasting days
Beyond the valley

We will praise
The love and the grace
That gave us our existence
So lowly beneath a sun
As it poured out its light
On alien stars

You came down
To a barren wilderness
And you raised the shadow from the valley
Gratitude and shame
The measure in each hand
We will proclaim your name in voice
On Gods way


Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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