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Ray Davies, Imaginary Man Chords (ver.1)

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Imaginary Man Chords (ver.1)

Ray Davies Tabs
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                intro: C G Am riff:G,F,E,D
       C G Am F

C        G     Am   riff
Is this really it? 
C           G      Am    F           
Is this the final station 
      C           G       Am   F
It's really been quite a trip 

Dm                  G                 Dm
You know it's been great to watch the sights 
             G          Dm
Playing the edited highlights 
               G         G/B  C   F
And all the outtakes you did not see 
              G  C G G/D C
Were only my un-re-a-li-ty 

C Em    Am   F
I am, I am imaginary 
C Em    Am   F
I am, I am imaginary 
F (hold)            F   
I'm the imaginary man 
F              Dm    C
Imaginary man, yes I am 
G  Am   F        C  G    Am   F
      Imaginary,            imaginary 

I was always in your head 
To raise your expectations 
And always let it be said 
I offered my very best to you 
Gave you my dreams to aspire to 
Involved you in all my crazy schemes 
And took you to places you'd never seen 

Walked down to Preservation Hall 
Looking for the old trad band 
It was just a momentary glance 
I saw my reflection in the glass 
Watched as the world went flashing past 
I knew the face but could not tell 
Why I couldn't recognise myself 

I am, I am imaginary 
I am, I am imaginary 
I'm the imaginary man 
Imaginary man, yes I am 
Imaginary, imaginary 
I'm the imaginary man, imaginary man 
Imaginary man, yes I am 
Imaginary, imaginary 
Imaginary man, imaginary man.

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