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Peter Paul And Mary, Right Field Chords

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Right Field Chords

(ver. 1)
Peter Paul And Mary Tabs
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                This is the first song my father ever played to me and one of peter paul and marys best

Verse 1
[G]Saturday [G/F#]summers when [Em]I was a [G]kid,
We'd [C]run to the school yard and [Am]here's what we [D/F#]did,
We'd [C]pick out the [D]captains and we'd [C]choose up the [D]teams,
It was [G]always a [G/F#]measure of [Em]my self esteem.
Cause the [C]fastest, the strongest played [Am]shortstop and first,
the [C/G]last ones they picked were the [D/F#]worst.
[F]I never needed to ask, it was sealed,
I just [D/F#]took up my place in right field.

Playing [G]right [G/F#]field, its [Em]easy you [G/D]know,
[C]You can be [C/B]awkward, [Am]you can be [D]slow,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D/F#]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]

Verse 2
Playing [G]right [G/F#]field can be [Em]lonely and [G/D]dull,
[C]Little leagues [C/B]never have [Am]lefties that [D/F#]pull,
I [C]dream of the [D]day, when they [C]hit one my [D]way,
[G]They never [G/F#]did, but [Em]still I would [G/D]pray,
That [C]I'd make a fantastic [Am]catch on the run,
And [C/G]not lose the ball in the [D/F#]sun.
And [F]then I'd awake from this long reverie,
And [D/F#]pray that the ball never came out to me.
Here in right f[G]ield, [G/F#]its easy yo[Em]u know,[G/D]
[C]You can be [C/B]awkward, [Am]you can be [D]slow,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D/F#]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]

Verse 3
[G]Off in the [D/F#]distance, the [Em]game's dragging [G]on,
There's [C]strikes on the [C/B]batter, some [Am]runners are [D/F#]on,
I [C]don't know the [D]inning, I've for[C]gotten the [D]score.
The [G]whole team is [G/F#]yelling and I [Em]don't know what for,
[C]Suddenly everyone's [Am]looking at me,
My [C/G]mind has been wandering, [D/F#]what could it be?
They [F]point to the sky and I look up above,
And the [D/F#]baseball falls into my glove!

Chorus 2
Here in [G]right [G/F#]field, Its im[Em]portant you [G/D]know,
You gotta [C]know how to [C/B]catch, you gotta [Am]know how to [D]throw,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]
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