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Paramore, Stuck On You Chords (ver.1)

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Stuck On You Chords (ver.1)

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Summer Tic EP
2006 Fueled By Rammen Records

Tuning: Drop D both guitars

Chords used: Drop D only
F# -  444xxx
A -   777xxx
Ebm - 111xxx
G#m - 666xxx
B -   999xxx


Guitar 1: Idle

Guitar 2:
D|-----------------|----------------------| (x3)

Guitar 1: will enter at 0:13
D|-4-----7-----1-----6-----9---------------| (x2)

Verse 1: Same Chords as intro but palm mute only
F#                    A
  I heard you driving in my car
Then in a frozen bar
      G#m                       F#
And I claimed I didn't care for you
But your verse got trapped inside my head
Over and over again
    G#m                B
You played yourself to death in me

(Repeat 2nd part of Intro)

Verse 2:
F#                       A
  I thought I'd drop you easily
But that was not to be
    G#m             B      F#
You burrowed like a summer tic
         A                    Ebm
So you invade my sleep and confuse my dreams
     G#m           B
Turn my nights to sleepless itch

Chorus 1:
F#         A                    Ebm
  Stuck on you 'till the end of time
    G#m          B          F#
I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
         A                    Ebm
Stuck on you 'till the end of time
G#m           B
you've got me paralyzed

(Repeat 2nd part of Intro)

Verse 3:
F#               A
  Holding on the telephone
I hear your midrange moan
       G#m          B       F#
You're everywhere inside my room
          A                    Ebm
Even when I'm alone I hear your mellow drone
       G#m          B
You're everywhere inside of me

Chorus 2:
F#         A                    Ebm
  Stuck on you 'till the end of time
    G#m          B          F#
I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
         A                    Ebm
Stuck on you 'till the end of time
G#m        B
You got me trapped inside

  F#          A       Ebm          G#m
I can't escape your incessant whine
B        F#             A  Ebm         G#m
When you beam it out all across the sky
B    F#          A
No I can't escape
(stuck on you 'till the end of time)
       Ebm        G#m
your insipid rhyme
(I'm too tired to fight your rhyme)
B        F#           A
When you shoot it deep
(stuck on you 'till the end of time)
           Ebm       G#m-B
Straight into my mind

End on F#
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