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Greensleeves Tabs (ver.1)

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Greensleeves Tabs (ver.1)

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Tabs too difficult? Try these video lessons and learn fast.
                By Mozart
AKA: FingerpickinFoo

3/4 timing. Standard EADGBE Tuning.
Starts on an anacrusis (up-beat)


|-----4----2--|-1------1--|---2--------|    Repeat 1x	 

*Carry  out last chord for two measures. Minus one beat for the anacrusis.
(5 beats NOT 6)  


*Transition chord to verse again: or  Ending:
|----   			|--------|----
|----  			|--------|-1-- Last chord sound best
|-2--  *carry over to  		|-2------|-2-- if strummed.
|-2--   anacrusis 		|-2----2-|-2— (Just my opinion, do it
|-0--   			|-0--3---|-0—  however you like.)
|----   			|--------|----

Note: I had two tabs for this song for this song and found that both had a few
errors in either the “verse” or the “Chorus” and some strange accompaniment that
just didn’t seem to flow with it. (These are not really a distinct “verse” 
or “chorus” I’m just calling them that for explanation purposes). Anyway, I did my 
best to re-tab it and remove the accompaniment and fix the errors. I’ve listened to 
3 versions of the song and played through a few times to make sure everything 
sounds right. (Every version changes it up a little. You can play either the verse, 
or the chorus, or both multiple times and switch back and forth.) 

OK. Here’s the order: (This seems to be the most common.)

INTRO (sorry not finished yet. Coming soon)
VERSE (2x)
VERSE (1x or 2x)
Tabs too difficult? Try these video lessons and learn fast.

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