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Morrissey, I'm Ok By Myself Chords (ver.1)

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I'm Ok By Myself Chords (ver.1)

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All chords played as power chords

  C#m F# D G# E A B B (i use the 1st B in the nos and the 2nd in the chorus)


C#m F# C#m F# D Ab D Ab

C#m              F#
could this be an arm around my waist
C#m        F#
surley the hand contains a knife

D           Ab
its been so all of my life
D              Ab
why change now it hasnt


E                 Ab
Now this might surpirse you but
          C#m   B  F#
i find im ok by myself
and i dont need you
         Ab                  D       Ab
or your morality to save me  no no no no

Verse 2:
C#m          F#
Then came an arm around my shoulder
C#m             F#
Well surely the hand holds a revolver
D               Ab
It's been so all of my life
D               Ab
Why change now? It hasn't!


E              Ab
now this might disturb you but
           C#m   B  F#
I find I'm OK by myself
And I don't need you
Or your benevolence to make sense
A A B B A Ab      A 
B B A Ab
No .......no .... No ...... no!

F# D Ab

E               Ab               C#m   B  F#
After all these years I find I'm OK by myself
And I don't need you
or your homespun philosophy
D        Ab
no no no no

E                         Ab
This might make you throw up in your bed
    C#m   B    F#                 E
I'm OK by myself and I don't need you
and I never have, I never have

A A B B A Ab      A 
B B A Ab
No .......no .... No ...... no!
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