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Meg And Dia, Monster 1 Chords

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Monster 1 Chords

(ver. 2)
Meg And Dia Tabs
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                - Monster
(Note, if you want to play it original, just use power chords: Root, third and the fifth
I just added the minors for the sake of showing what key it was in.)

Intro: F#m, D, C#m, A
Verse: F#m, A X2
Pre Chorus: F#m, D, C#m-A-E, F#m
F#m, D, C#m-A-B
Chorus: F#m, D, C#m, A
Verse: F#m, A x2
Pre Chorus: F#m, D, C#m-A-E, F#m
F#m, D, C#m-A-B
Chorus: F#m, D, C#m, A x2
Breakdown: F#m-E, F#m-A, D-C#m, D-E
F#m-E, F#m-A, D-C#m, D-C#m
Chorus: F#m, D, C#m, A x2
End: E-F#m

For the Pre Chorus part, i put C#m-A-E meaning you in that section it's in 4/4 timing so
and D both get 4 counts but when it gets to, C#m-A-E is a full 4 counts also, just get
timing down. It also applys to the C#m-A-B part too. When i say 4 counts i mean 1 
and when i say 4 counts is 1 measure, you count out loud like this: 1 and 2 and 3 and 4
Easy right?

For the Breakdown part, F#m-E, F#m-A, D-C#m, D-E... etc... for this part i'll just
the first chord set which is F#m-E. It's 4/4 count still but here, you play F#m and add an
note at the end which is E. Don't know what an 8th note is? Here it goes, you count "1 
2 and 3 and 4 and" right? You're counting 8th notes. When you count, "1 and 2 and",
Four 8th notes together which makes it 1/2 a measure. 1/8+1/8+1/8+1/8= 1/2. Don't you 
hate math?

out some more songs before i go to work. Enjoy this song, because i am.
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