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June Gloom Chords (ver.1)

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June Gloom Chords (ver.1)

Meg And Dia
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                Amaj7 - 002120
B - x24422

Intro: E

Verse 1
It's just a little longer, my darling
Each day I'm growing fonder of you
    C#m                        B
You say you have your doubts about forever
Am7              B
I say it's just June gloom

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)
Remember that week we spent in Portland
You almost said the words you find so frightening
We can take it easy, there's no hurry
We can slow it down, don't you worry

C#m                        B
When I see you, I see my future
Amaj7                     B
I know you don't see it yet
C#m                        B
Lover, let me paint a picture
Amaj7                     B
I'll show you just how far it is
It's far away
I never lied to you
     Amaj7                   E     
But I will say I'll walk beside you the whole way

C#m - B - Amaj7 - B

Verse 3. (same chords as Verse 1)
I won't promise you something foolish
I told you straight away it won't be easy
Let me take that load off of your shoulders
Let me make your heart a little lighter

Repeat Chorus

C#m - B - Amaj7 - B
I'll walk beside you the whole way
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