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Meat Loaf, Bat Out Of Hell Tabs (ver.3)

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Bat Out Of Hell Tabs (ver.3)

Meat Loaf Tabs
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Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell 

I transposed it down so that a normal person can sing it.
The high notes at the end went from a high C to a G.
If you want to sing it in the original key, use a capo on 5th fret

This is a big song with many parts, 
work through it part by part and check out my video to get how it's meant to be played

   C G F C6 Bbx Em F/A Dm Dm7 Cs Bb  Fs D#s F4 D#* Cx Gm G5 Gx C4

* you can play the D# with barré too, this one is just easier

   Fill1     Fill2          Fill3                Fill4

   4x          4x         2x     2x     7x        4x

C G F F->G->C G F (you can whistle the guitar solo melody)


Verse 1 (picked)
[Bbx]The [C]sirens are screaming and the [F]fires are howling
Way [C]down in the valley tonight
[Bbx]There's a [C]man in the shadows with a [Em]gun in his eye
And a [F]blade shining oh so bright
There's [C]evil in the air and there's [G]thunder in the sky
And a [Am]killer's on the blood[G]shot [F]streets [Fill1]
Oh and [C]down in the tunnel where the [G]deadly are rising
Oh I [Am]swear I saw a young boy  
[F/A]Down in the gutter, he was [F]starting to foam in the heat [G F G]

Pre-Chorus (picked)
Oh [F]Baby, you're the only thing in [G]this whole world 
That's [C]pure and good and [F]right
And wherever you are and wher[G]ever you go
There's [F]always gonna [G]be some [C]light
But I [F]gotta get out, I gotta [G]break it out now
Be[Am]fore the final crack of [F]dawn [Fill1]
So we [C]gotta make the most of our [G]one night together
When it's [F]over you know, We'll both be so a[G]lone [F G F Fill1]

Chorus (strummed)

Like a [C]bat out of hell I'll be [F]gone when the morning [C]comes [Fill2]
When the [C]night is over Like a [Em]bat out of hell I'll be [F]gone [Em]gone [Dm]gone
Like a [C]bat out of hell I'll be [G]gone when the morning [F]comes [Fill1]
But when the [C]day is done, And the [G]sun goes down
And [F]moonlight's [Am]shining [Dm]through [C Dm G]
Then like a [C]sinner be[Em]fore the [Am]gates of [G]heaven
I'll come [F]crawling on [Em]back to [Dm7]you 

2x Fill 3

Verse 2 (strummed)
I'm [C]gonna hit the highway like a [F]battering ram
On a [C]silver black phantom bike [Fill2]
When the metal is hot and the [Em]engine is hungry
And we're [F]all about to see the light
[C]Nothing ever grows in this [G]rotting old hole
And [Am]everything is stunted and [F]lost [Fill1]
And [C]nothing really rocks, And [G]nothing really rolls 
And [F]nothing's ever [G]worth the [C]cost

Bridge 1 (strummed)
And I [F]know that I'm [G]damned if I [C]never get out
And [F]maybe I'm [G]damned if I [C]do
But with [F]every other [G]beat I got [Am]left in my heart
You know I'd [F]rather be [G]damned with [C]you
If I [C]gotta be damned you know I [G]wanna be damned
[F]Dancing through the [G]night with [C]you
If I [C]gotta be damned you know I [G]wanna be damned
[C]Gotta be damned you know I [F]wanna be damned
If I [C]gotta be damned you know I [G]wanna be damned
[F]Dancing through the night [G]
[F]Dancing through the night [G]
[F]Dancing through the night [G]with [C]you

Solo 1
4x Cs Bb Fs D#s



Bridge 2
Then like a [C]sinner be[Em]fore the [Am]gates of [G]heaven
I'll come [F]crawling on [Em]back to [Dm7]you

Solo 2 
You can try to make some kind of motor sound by slowly sliding up on the lower strings first
and land on a C which climbs into the solo chords:

  C4  C  C4 C   D#4 D# D#4 D# Bb4 Bb Bb4 Bb G4 G G4 G  A4 A C4 C

I can [F]see myself [Fsus4]tearing up the [F]road 
[Fsus4]Fas[F]ter than [Fsus4]any other [F]boy has [C]ever gone 
And my [F]skin is raw but my [Fsus4]soul is [F]ripe 
No one's gonna stop me now I gotta make my es[C]cape 
But I [Bb]can't stop [F]thinking of [C]you 
And I [D#]never see the sudden [Bb]curve until it's way too [C]late 
4x Cx G F C 
And I [D#]never see the sudden [Bb]curve until it's way too [C]late 

Then I'm [Bb]dying at the bottom of a [C]pit in the blazing [Dm]sun 
[Bb]Torn and twisted at the [C]foot of a burning [Dm]bike 
And I [D#]think somebody some[F]where must be tolling a [Gm]bell 
And the [Bb]last thing I [C]see is my [Dm]heart Still [Bb]beating 

I'm breaking [Dm]out of my body and [Gm]flyin away 
[F]Like a [G]bat out of [Csus4]hell [C]
Then I'm [D#]dying at the bottom of a [F]pit in the blazing [Gm]sun 
[D#]Torn and twisted at the [F]foot of a burning [Gm]bike 
And I [Bb]think somebody some[C]where must be tolling a [Dm]bell 
And the [D#]last thing I [F]see is my [Gm]heart 
Still [Fill4] beating, still beating 
Breaking [G5]out of my body and [Gx]flyin away [-]Like a bat out of hell 

[C G F] Like a bat out of hell (repeat 3 times low, 4 times with high singing)

Outro (picked)
[Cx C4 C] repeat and fade
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