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Tu Kaun Hai Chords (ver.1)

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Tu Kaun Hai Chords (ver.1)

Lucky Ali
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                 hi!! this is a real simple song and you will love playing it..

verse 1: [strumming:vv-vv-v   vv-vv-v  space means pause for 1 beat]
strum one stroke down for first 4  down strokes and let the last down stroke persist
for a while....PALM MUTE FOR BEST EFFECT...the last down stoke may not be muted..
G                     C                    
kahan se tu aati hai  kahan ko tu jati hai
Am                   C
sapno ko sajati hai  apno ko le jati hai
G                          C
baahon mein jab behti hai  kaanoan mein kuchh kehti hai
Am                   C
aati hai nazar mein  saasoan mein tu rehti hai

pre chorus...(NO PALM MUTING)
G                  C
hawa hai pawan hai wayu hai purvai hai
Am                       C
jeevan hai jaan hai hai  ya parchhai hai
G                     C
lene aai hai ya kuchh mere lie lai hai
Am                           C
poochhun na mein kya tujhhse kahan se tu ai hai

chorus...(change stumming pattern    v-vAv-vAv-vvA  and repeat)
G           C     Am    C
tu kaun hai    tu kaun  hai
G           C     Am   C
tu kaun hai    tu kaun hai

verse 2 (palm mute)
tu jo kehti chalte baadal
ruk jaati to girte patte
tu kehti to dil yeh jalte
phooloan ke dil dil se milte
pre chorus...(no palm muting)
G                     C                       Am
sagar ki leheron mein lehrati hai tu kal kal
pattiyoan ke paayal mein laati khun khun
G                   C                   Am
khat lhat koi nahin aisa ek jhoanka hai
such hai kuch hai  ya tu ek dhoka hai

chorus (change strumming as earlier)

bridge chords:G-C-Am-C (2 times) (strumming same as chorus)

verse 1:(palm mute)

chorus (change pattern)

fade away....(verse stumming pattern but without palm muting) play atleast 4 beats...then start fading
you may not palm mute if you are not comfortable with it...no probs..!!
hope you have fun guys....Subhankar...
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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