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Lightfoot Gordon, Its Worth Believin Tabs

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Its Worth Believin Tabs

(ver. 1)
Lightfoot Gordon Tabs
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                Chord Transcription :
Gordon Lightfoot --- It's Worth Believin'
Capo 4th fret ---> Key of E major
Chord guide :
  C    G   Gsus4/B  Am   Amsus2  F
 -0-  -3-  ---      -0-  -0-    -1-
 -1-  -0-  -1-      -1-  -0-    -1-
 -0-  -0-  -0-      -2-  -2-    -2-
 -2-  -0-  -0-      -2-  -2-    -3-
 -3-  -2-  -2-      -0-  -0-    -3-
 -3-  -3-  ---      ---  ---    -1-
Notes :
  When I say Am/Amsus2 I mean fiddle around with the two chords
  with hammer-ons or pull-offs with your index finger
Begin with C chord
Part 1 :
   There's a warm breeze tonight,
            G              C
   And the moon turns the tide
              C               C
   When the stars take their ride,
   Gsus4/B    Am/Amsus2
   She'll  be  leaving
   Where she goes,
   I don't know;
              C              F
   She won't tell me what it is,
   That makes her act like this.
          C    Gsus4/B    Am              G
   But I got a  funny   feeling that it's me
   It's worth believin'
   Should I ask?
   Do you like
   To go walking on the sand?
   And listen to the sea?
   Or could it be?
   Someone kind
   Could it be that I'm the fool?
   Is something wrong with you?
          C    Gsus4/B    Am              G
   But I got a  funny   feeling that it's me
   It's worth believin'
The rest of the lyrics are : (Part 2)
There's a breeze from the shore
And the waves over land
When I've called in the cat,
She'll go walking
And she cries
To herself
In the night when I'm asleep
She lies awake and weeps.
Could it be
Something new?
Someone older has returned?
Or is it just a game?
But I got a funny feeling that it's me
It's worth believin'

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then freestyle C G C G
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