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Kate Rusby, Old Man Time Chords (ver.1)

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Old Man Time Chords (ver.1)

Kate Rusby Tabs
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                        OLD MAN TIME
                         KATE RUSBY

INTRO: Play the following 4x's or a
       variation of this based on
       the C chord

E ---------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------|
G ------0--------------0-------0---|
D ----2----2---------2----2h3------|
A --3------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------|

 C       G         F       C
Old man time is a rare old man
       Am              C      G
For a young man he'll ever remainI
          F          C             Am          G
With his long grey beard and his clothes are plain
    F       G           C
Oh Old Man Time is his name.

    Am         G
As one flower dies
     F          Am
The old man he cries
      C                             G
The young man he plants the seeds again
        Am      F        C         G
With a careful hand, he tends the sand,
     F       G           C     (play INTRO 2x's)
Oh, Old Man Time is his name.

 C       G           F    C
This old man has an hourglass
     Am    C           G
For every soul on the land.
     F       C       Am        G
Oh, Old Man Time, I have seen mine,
          F            G       C
It's the one with the fastest sand.

     Am           G
No sooner is it turned,
       F                      Am
Back through the glass it's churned,
     C                                G
I'm wishing i could have each hour again,
         Am     F        C         G
With a careful hand, he tends the sand,
     F       G           C
Oh, Old Man Time is his name.

              I PLAY THE CHORDS FROM 
              THE 2nd HALF OF THE VERSE
              Am  G   F  Am  C  G  
              Am  F  C  G  F  G   C  Am
              then play INTRO 2x's time....

   C        G         F       C
To me, Old Man, your time is rare,
     Am      C               G
Did God not give you all my sand?
    F     C     Am       G
Or maybe mine I had to share
              F       G        C
Or is there some left in your hand?

      Am              G          F               Am
They tell me time is gold, well maybe it's been sold,
   C                             G
Or was it simply washed away in rain?
         Am      F       C         G
With a careful hand, he tends the sand,
     F       G           C
Oh, Old Man Time is his name.

       Am           G
If I brought him a sack,
        F                   Am
Do you think he'd put some back?
   C                                 G
I know one day across my path he'll come,
    Am     F       C         G
But as for now, I can't say how,
    F                  G                C   Am
I know that old man's work is far from done.
     F       G              C    PLAY INTRO 3x's
For Old Man Time has just begun
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