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Goodnight Goodbye Ukulele Chords (ver.1)

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Goodnight Goodbye Ukulele Chords (ver.1)

Jonas Brothers
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                Sooooo...this is my first try at writing some Chrods above some words....xD
Hope it`s not too bad...xD If any Questions or you saw something wrong contact me : 

Have Fun...xD

Am                                     F
This has been no walk in the park
                      C                  E
I feel like we have fallen apart
Am					  F
Open up your eyes girl and see
         			  C                E
How wonderful this love could be

F		Dm
Hold on tight
Am   		         C
It's a roller coaster ride we're on
     F             Dm 
So say goodbye 'cause
  Am                    C
I won't be back again
F            Dm  
Up and down
           G      Am 
You're all around
        E                             Am
Say goodnight and goodbye

(F, C, E)
Lala la la la lalalala

Am                                       F
You say you didn't mean to break
                            C                             E
My heart but girl you did, but I'm over it
Am                                    F
Adieu to you and all your games
And all your crazy friends
This is the end

(Chrous + the lalalala's)

        Dm        Am              C            
Well girl, I'm sorry for disappointing you
But I'm done
(Still E )
With being up and down and pushed around

No more

( Chrous 2x Withought Lalala's xD)
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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