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Immanu El, Agnes Day Chords (ver.1)

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Agnes Day Chords (ver.1)

Immanu El Tabs
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Gm              Bm
    Lights out, we're toungtied,
G                  A     Asus4
    It all makes sense.
Gm                   Bm
Motions freeze in a heartbeat.
           G             A       Bm
Lead the armies, in the far.

D    Dsus2    A    G

G           A
   In heights,
G            D    Dsus4        A
   It's so quiet.

G             A 
   In cold nights,
G             A      
   We are toungtied.
Asus2                 G
They will come, they come.

G       Bm
G       A    Asus4          x2

G          Bm
    In heights,
          G     A    Asus4
It's so quiet.
G          Bm
    Your eyes,
like fire,

A   Asus4 D
burn in me.

D        G      A
Dsus4     G      A

D            G        A
    Longing for this day,
                D     G
when love will rise against.
Earth wont hold us,
seas wont keep.
Agnes day.
Be my insight.
Lead the armies,
in the far.
Gm                      Bm
Lost our minds in the fallen.
Lead the armies,
        A       Bm           
in the far.
A              G            Bm
    And I'll love you once again.
A             G            Bm
     I will love you once again.

A      G      Bm      G

Bm               Asus4     G
       Come find me, beloved.
Conquer me.

(D)      G      Bm      A   Asus4     x3

D                          G
      Lead the way, I'm longing to stay.
Bm7                         A
      In the end with all riders to be sent.
Bm7                            A
      At the heights you are like the northern lights.
      At the heights.

D               G
    Your eyes like wild fire,
Bm           A
     burning me.
Bm7                 G
    On small and winding roads.

   Bm                  A
I see, it's breaking through.

I see it clear now
They will come, they come.

D      Bm      G      Bm     x4

D      Bm      G      A      x2

A      G
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