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I Am The Avalanche, Clean Up Chords (ver.1)

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Clean Up Chords (ver.1)

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Very simple way to play the song, but it sounds good. I saw him play this live 
and this was not the way he played it, but I didn't get much of a look to figure out the actual 
Listen to the song for the strumming, it's easy to pick up.

My grasp of proper names for chords is limited to none, so these are close to made up.

Tune down 1/2 step.

C:  x32033
B:  x20033
G:  320033
F#: 200233
E:  020032
D:  xx0233
A:  x02233

C     B  G    F#* (strum and hammer on G at * parts)
Clean up next day
E              D          C     C   B     
  E                     D      C
I thought I earned half heartedly
    A                                 D
But we both know I don't deserve a thing

G F#* E

C     B   G  F#*
Spill out my chest
E           D        C
On to paper for a check
     C  B      G   F#*
That we cashed too soon
            E              D    C
And now the government is on my stoop
         A                              D
Awaiting documents and beating down my door

E             D                       C
Everyone is sleeping and everyone is sad
E                   D
And everything is perfect
Perfect wasn't bad

G F# E C D
G F# E C D (extra bar of D)

E D C (x4; extra bar of C on 4th)

E                 D
Jesus Christ I need you
I need you now
E         D                        C
Or anyone   who feels like helping out

E                 D
Jesus Christ I need you
I need you now
E         D                        C
Or anyone   who feels like helping out
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