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Guns N Roses, Pretty Tied Up Tabs (ver.2)

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Pretty Tied Up Tabs (ver.2)

Guns N Roses Tabs
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Tiochaidh Ar Lá

Rhythm Fig 1

Fill 1

Chords Used
 | G5    B5    G5x   F#5    E5    D5    A5    C5    F5   |
E| x     x     x     x      x     x     x     x     x    |
B| x     x     x     x      x     x     x     x     x    |
G| x     x     x     x      x     x     x     x     x    |
D| x     x     12    11     9     7     2     5     x    |
A| 5     9     10    9      7     5     o     3     3    |
E| 3     7     x     x      x     x     x     x     1    |


Rhythm Fig 1

Verse 1

I know this chick, she lives down on Melrose.

She ain't satisfied without some pain.  (Oo.)____

G5               B5         D5 w/Rhy.Fig1 (1st 2 bars only)
Friday night is goin' up inside her... again.

     G5x                       F#5      E5      D5
Well crack the whip cause that b**ch is just insane. (spoken:) I'm serious.

Chorus 1

          A5     C5   D5
Oh, she's pretty tied up,

          C5  G5
Hangin upside down.

      A5     C5   D5
She's pretty tied up,

       C5  G5
An you can ride her.

      A5     C5   D5
She's pretty tied up,

          C5  G5
Hangin upside down.

F5           G5                        D5
Ooh. I can't tell you she's the right one

                   w/Fill 1  N.C.
Oh no, oh no, oh no
F5      G5         A5  C5   D5       C5 G5
I can't tell you she's the right one.

A5    C5      D5        C5 G5  A5 C5
She's the right one.

Additional Lyrics
|								     |
|2. Once there was this rock'n'roll band rollin' on the streets.     |
|   Time went by and it became a joke.                               |
|   We just needed more and more fulfilling, uh-huh.                 |
|   Time went by and it all went up in smoke.                        |
|   But check it out. (to chorus)                                    |
|   								     |
|3. Once you made that money, it costs more now.                     |
|   It might cost a lot more than you think.                         |
|   I just found a million dollars that someone forgot.              |
|   It's days like this that push me o'er the brink.                 |
|   *Cool and stressing. (to chorus)                                 |
|                                                                    |
|   *pronounced "Kool Ranch Dres'ing"                                |
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