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Graham Nash, There's Only One Chords (ver.1)

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There's Only One Chords (ver.1)

Graham Nash Tabs
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                       There's Only One    (Graham Nash)

     D    D/C    Bm    Bb    G    Gsus4  G    A    Asus4  A

     Dsus4  D    Dsus4  D    A

    D                    D/C
     We can heed the call,  we can trip and fall

   Bm                               Bb
     We can read the scrawl on the garden wall

              G        Gsus4  G  A        Asus4  A
     Let the ashes fall       upon us all

       Dsus4     D          Dsus4  D   A
     Or not at all, it's in us  all

             D                     D/C
     Can we say it's cool, from a heated pool

              Bm                 Bb
     When we give a jewel to a starving fool

                 G           Gsus4  G             A           Asus4  A
     And if we can't be cruel       then let us take the tool

              Dsus4       D    D/C
     And change the rule, change the rule

    G            A       D   D/C#     Bm        Bm/A
     When we've all begun to see the world we're on

    G           A                  Dsus4  D    D/C
     Don't you see there's only one

    G         A       D   D/C#     Bm       Bm/A
     Then we all begin to see the skin we're in

    G                   A              D  Dsus4  D             D/C
     It's just the same, there's only one,       there's only one

     Bm    Bb    G    Gsus4  G    A    Asus4  A    Dsus4  D    Dsus4  D    A

    D                    D/C
     Do we have the grace,  to begin the race

   Bm                          Bb
     In another place face to face

             G           Gsus4  G          A
     Do we stand the pace       or do we let the case

Asus4  A         Dsus4  D       D/C          Bm    Bb    G    Gsus4  G
     Go to waste,      go to waste, go to waste

     A    Asus4  A           Dsus4      D    D/C    Bm    Bb    G    Gsus4  G
                 Do you like    the taste

     A    Asus4  A    Dsus4  D

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