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Eagles, Hotel California Tabs (ver.23)

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Hotel California Tabs (ver.23)

Eagles Tabs
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                          Hotel California (live)

                         from the Eagles LIVE! album

FINALLY! This is how it is REALLY played. All those transcriptions in the magazine are 
shady at best. Granted, they are for the studio version, but how many

bands have 7 or 8 guitarists to do it right? Likely, none. This is how they play it live 
with three guitars (Frey, Felder & Walsh) and it sounds stellar. I stand

behind this transcription as far as far accuracy at about 90%. You have never found one 
like this, trust me. I can't believe it took this long for anyone to do a

proper transcription of it.

A few notes on the transcription:

1. Glen Frey always played this with a capo on the second fret so I transcribed it that 
way (I have no idea why as it isn't that hard to play without a capo but

that's Glen's secret). I transcribed the CAPO'd chord along with the actual concert 
pitch sounding chord. For example;

[Bmin (Amin shape w/capo)]

means that the concert pitch is a Bminor chord but Glen plays it with a capo on the 
second fret so it will look like an A minor chord shape when looking at the

fretboard. You can just as easily play it by following only the concert pitch chords on 
the left.

2. I transcribed Don Felders part twice. Once on the 12 string neck the same way as 
Glens so all the "0's" in the tablature are actually on the 7th fret where

the capo is located. For example;
All the below "0" numbers are actually played as open strings sounded on the 7th fret 
which is where the capo is. The "2's" are fingered on the 9th fret. You

should get the picture from here.


3. I also transcribed Felders part later in this document as played at the actual fret. 
So when you see a 7, it is actually at the seventh fret and sounded by

virtue of the capo being there. Further, a "9" means ninth fret and "11" means eleventh 
fret and so on.

4. I trancribed both Felders 12 string guitar and 6 string neck (for the leads) on the 
same staff because that is how he does it live. You can't play both necks

at the same time.

So hopefully this clears everything up and Without further ado, here is Hotel California:

Guitar 1 (Glenn Frey) Acoustic (Capo 2)

Capo played on the second fret.
First chord listed is the actual chord tonality.
The 2nd chord is the chord SHAPE played with capo

             W                                  W

    14 bars - no playing (or you can strum chords to fill in)

VERSE 1 & 2 (play twice):

  Bmin (Amin shape w/capo)      F#maj (Emaj shape w/capo)
  E  S S E  S S E  S S E  E     E  S S E  S S E  S S E  E

  Amaj (Gmaj shape w/capo)      Emaj (Dmaj shape w/capo)
  E  S S E  S S E  S S E  E     E  S S E  S S E  S
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