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Dispatch, Flying Horses Chords (ver.2)

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Flying Horses Chords (ver.2)

Dispatch Tabs
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Dispatch, Flying Horses.
This is a beautiful song by Dispatch from teh album One Fell Swoop. Its one acoustic guitar, drums bass, and a harmonica. i haven't tabed the harmonica intro and solo yet, but I'll give it a shot.



Play These chords twice over the harmonica intro.
G  D  Em  C  G  D

Verse 1:

G                   D                              Em
The River of Love gave birth to a  beautiful stone

G                           D               Em  
And in my hand i held it, and I knew I was all 

alone, so I picked it up

G             D         Em      
      And held it to the sky

G                 D                  Em  
And In my relfelction I knew I was on my own
       Em         G                               D     
Yeah, Yeah, and then i saw this girl with the most 

beautiful hair, she had it

G                   D                       Em          
Wrapped around her, for clothes she did not wear.

G                       D                                    Em 
I asked her for a loch and she complied, after 


G                               D                       Em
Georgous footsteps in the sand, as if she didn't 



                               G                             D                  
Well... She was the prettiest girl I ever saw and 

Em                                                 C    
stone lay still without a flaw, and the feelings I 

                G                               D
had to fight the law as i came to and I went to

             G                              D                           
And i took a look, a look down the road, to see a 

Em                                                                  G   
badger, and a one eyed toad. They didn't say a 

                                D                            Em
word they just looked at me with that wise old 

                    C G D          G D Em       
look of the    old...     Yeah...  Wise old look of the 

C G D    G D Em
old...     Yeah...

Verse 2:
And then I went down to town
To my favorite, merry-go-Round, to the place 
where magic horses fly
And you seldom see a frown

                                 G                      D               
But then i stole the ring from the flying horses

and I can't begin to explain now

G                                       D       
I stole the ring from the flying horses

Em                C   C   C
And its all rusty now

G                                       D
I stole the ring from the flying horses

and i can't begin to explain now

G                                       D
I stole the ring from the flying horses

Em                C   C   C                   D
and its all rusty now, its all rusty

Verse 3:
Ya see, cause that stone fell through my pocket
And that loch of hair blew away with the wind
If you Chance to see a pawn either, Well...
You know where they've been.

But don't pick them up or try to find me
We're much happier to be on our own
Beauty like that knows, no
And if you take a look, a look down the road
You'll see a badger and a one eyed toad
They won't say a word they'll just look at you with that, wise old look of the old... Yeah...
Wise old look of the old... Yeah....

Play intro chords under Harmonica Solo.

Play bridge and fade.

G       D       Em   C
3       3       0      0
3       2       0      1 
0       3       0      0
0       0       2      2
2       0       2      3
3       0       0      0
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