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Something About Us Bass tabs (ver.4)

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Something About Us Bass tabs (ver.4)

Daft Punk
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                Alright, so this is one of my favorite bass lines; it's simple (and I've just started on
and have this down - so it shouldn't be too hard), but it's got a nice little
to it.  I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't find it on here, so I just listened to 
song once or twice and came up with the tab myself.

Hope it sounds good for the rest of you.


I wrote the tab in measures - to the not so musical savvy, this means the space in
every adjacent pair of vertical lines is four beats.

It's the same line repeated through the song; starts on the downbeat of the 32nd beat.
counts of 4).

Each note is on the downbeat of one, the upbeat of one, the upbeat of two and the
of three.  (Unfortunately, to those who aren't musical savvy - can't help you much on this
I hope you can figure it out by ear).


Around 1:40 on the track the song goes to only keyboard and voice and the bass cuts out
the middle of the lick.  I only play the first fourth of the lick; cut out and rejoin 3
of 4 later:


Obviously, I'm sure a shortcut can be made by using alternate strings - I'm comfortable
long slides, so I didn't bother using more then the A and E string.  I'll put up an
fingering if I come across one.
Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast. | Correct

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