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Dada, Scum Tabs (ver.2)

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Scum Tabs (ver.2)

Dada Tabs
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I haven't bothered with the electric guitar parts, but they're not critical
to the song anyway.

Main Riff

e ----------------------------------------
B ----------------------------0--------------
G ---0----------0---------------0-0---------
D -----2----------4--------4----5-4-2-0-----
A -3-----3--3/5-----5----5------------------
E ---------------------0--------------------

End Verse Riff (new and improved)

e -------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------0-------0-------0-------0-------------------------
G ---0--------0--------0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---------3---3-----3---
D -----2--------4----2-------4-------5-------4-------1-----1---0-----1---1-
A -3-----3--5-----5------------------------------------------------3-------
E -------------------0-------2-------3-------2-----------------------------
e ----------3----------------
B ----------3----------------
G ----------0----------------
D ----0-----0----------0----- ...into main riff again
A --1---0---2------0-2-------
E ----------3----3-----------

Verse: (play main riff)
Don't bother me
I ain't got time for your misery
It's not that I'm too busy
It's just that I'm waiting for the
I'm waiting for the
                    *(start End Verse Riff here)
I'm waiting for the world to find somebody else
To deal with all the scum

(back into Main Riff)

I'm doing fine
In my green chair
Watching Rush and drinking a beer
What's that he just said something funny
He's waiting for the 
                     *(start End Verse Riff)
He's waiting for the world to find somebody else
To deal with all the scum

Am           D            Em
What ever happened to the way it was
The way it was
Am          D             Em 
What ever happened to my way
My way 
    B   C   D
My way

    This part is a little tricky, because you want to transition back into
fingerpicking from the chords (at least if you're playing it with only one
guitar).  During the last three chords over "My way" (B C D) the following
part is also picked.

e -------------------------------
B ----------------(main riff)----
G -------0--------0--------0----- ....continue with the main riff from here.
D ---1-4---4-1------2--------4---  If you're playing solo, pick a spot to
A -2------------3-----3--5-----5-  jump from the chords into the riff.
E -------------------------------

(play main riff)
Don't make a sound
There's someone at the door
They're probably pushing 
Freedom of whatever it is today
Be quiet and hope they go away

We're waiting for the 
We're waiting for the world to find somebody else
To deal with all the scum


This is just some extra stuff that gets thrown in as the chorus is repeated
over and over again at the end of the song.  There's a high guitar part that
gets layered in near the end, and while I can't make out most of it, this
is at least part of it.

e -3-----------5-------6------    this part comes in on the word "deal"
B -----1-----3---3---4---4----    in "...deal with all the scum."
G ---0---0---------0-------7--
D ----------------------------
A ----------------------------
E ----------------------------
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