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Uptown Chords (ver.3)

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Uptown Chords (ver.3)

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                Uptown:The Crystals.
#13 in '62.

He gets up each morning and he goes downtown,
where everyone's his boss and he's lost in an angry land..
he's a little man.

C                  F
But then, he comes uptown each evening to my tenement,
Dm                               Am7      Dm
uptown where folks don't have to pay much rent.
Bb                                                    Dm
And when he's there with me he can see that he's everything,
          C#             Bbm           F
then he's tall, he don't crawl, he's a king.

Downtown he's just one of a million guys,
he don't get no breaks and he takes all they got to give..
cause he's got to live.

C                 F
But then he comes uptown where he can hold his head up high,
Dm              Am7       Dm
uptown he knows that I am standing by.
    Bb                                                    Dm
And when I take his hand there's no man who could put him down.
             C#                 Bbm               F
The world is sweet, it's at his feet, when he's uptown.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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