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Chris De Burgh, Fatal Hesitation Chords (ver.1)

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Fatal Hesitation Chords (ver.1)

Chris De Burgh Tabs
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                Words & Music by Chris de Burgh

Intro: Dm - Bbmaj7 - Fmaj7 - Bb - Dm - Bbmaj7-   Fmaj7 - Csus4 - C

      Dm            Bb            F                 Bb 
The cafes are all deserted, the streets are wet again,
        Dm                        Bb        F                   Csus4 C
There's nothing quite like an out of season holiday town in the rain,
          Bbmaj7              G7 
When the tourists go and the cold winds blow,
        F      C          Bb    G9 
And my girl is on a plane, home...

I'm never going to love another, the way that I have loved you,
It's taken me a little time to discover it,
Now I know it's true, but fatal hesitation,
Made me miss the show,

  G  Gm7    Fmaj7/A          Bb - Bb/C
Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
    F  Gm7                 Fmaj7/A      Bb -  Bb/C 
And I know that I have let her____ slip away,

Dm     C      Bb  F 
Fatal hesitation, ah, fatal hesitation...
I saw you again this morning, walking down the beach,
And though you are a thousand miles away,
You were only just out of reach, but when I got up close,
And I saw her face, I knew it couldn't be so, no, no;
Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
And I, yes I know, I have let her slip away,
Fatal hesitation, fatal hesitation,

C#                 Eb/C#                   F
I'm going to get on my____ boat and sail away;
Oh Romeo is standing in the rain,
And I, yes I know, I have let her slip away,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation,
Fatal hesitation...
I'm going to read a little Shakespeare,
And get her out of my head, 
It doesn't matter any more,
I'm going to miss her just a little bit,
Just a little bit...

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