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Broadway, On Broadway Chords

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On Broadway Chords

(ver. 1)
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Keywords: drifters


		F#           E    F#         E         F#   E   F# E
		They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway
		F#              E      F#    E      F# E F# E
		The say there's always magic in the air
		B               A       B        A
		But when you're walking down the street
		B             A      B   C  C#
		And you ain't had enough to eat
		F#          E          F#      E      F#      E   F# E
		The glitter rubs right off and you're nowhere

		G           F         G         F       G    F   G F
		The say the girls are something else on Broadway
		G           F       G          F      G     F   G   F
		But looking at them just gives me the blues
		C             Bb    C         Bb
		Cause how you gonna make some time
		C               Bb     C   C#   D
		When all you've got is one thin dime
		G            F          G    F            G     F  G  F
		And one thin dime won't even shine you're shoes

		Ab           F#      Ab       F#      Ab   F#  Ab  F#
		The say that I won't last too long on Broadway
		Ab           F#        Ab      F#            Ab  F# Ab F#
		I'll catch a Greyhound bus for home they all say
		C#             B       C#        B
		But no they're wrong I know they are
		C#          B         C#   D  Eb
		Cause I can play this here guitar
		Ab          F#        Ab    F#      Ab   F#   Ab  F#
		And I won't quit till I'm a star on Broadway

		Ab     F#   Ab F# Ab F# Ab F# ...
		On Broadway ...

\_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_

    \_\_\_      \_      \_                  Glen Macon
   \_             \_ \_\_ \_            Standard disclaimer...
    \_   \_\_\_    \_  \_  \_   Commodore doesn't endorse what I say, I do
     \_       \_    \_      \_           Who wants to know...
       \_     \_     \_      \_
	 \_\_\_       \_      \_

 \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
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