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The Fountainhead Chords – Bluetones

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				by The Bluetones

This is another great song of the "Expecting to Fly" album.  If you like
I hope the intro is accurate enough, but it sounds good!  The whole song
is played with two guitars, but you can survive with just one!  The
rythm is
a bit hard though, so you'll have to listen to the song to get it right.

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   Em7E   E        Esus4 E     Am- Am             G     A

    Esus bit again      Am-    Am        D5       A

Verse 1: (play with 1st intro riff)
Em7 E          Esus E    Am-  Am
God knows I've tried, to bridge the gap,
     G 		 A
I've tried to be me,
     Em7  E		 Esus E	       Am-  Am
And time after time I've lied, just to say the things,
    G	      A
You wanted to hear,
Em7 E                Esus E		Am  Am7  Am   (Am7 is x02213)
Look, look what I've done,  look what I do,
    G		A	    E		Em7 E
I'm starting to pull myself through, 
           Esus  E		Am-  Am		   G  A   D
Hell could feasibly freeze, but in your eyes, I'll always be...

Chorus 1:
    F#		      G			      A              D
The Fountainhead, the boy whose thoughts keep running away
	F#       G 	  A   (play this A as x0222x)
And you know I'm riiight.

Verse 2: (same chord progression as verse 1)
Em7 E             Esus E	Am-  Am     G        A  	E
Wasn't it you who said,  I went looking, to open the eyes of my head

And now I can see, from your mistakes, you're as blind as me

God knows I try, God know I've tried, to be something more than I am
Hell could feasibly freeze, but in your eyes I'll always be...

Chorus 2:
Same as Chorus 1

Break:  Plays basic riff, with lots of bass.  

Verse 3: (The whole thing is played with the 1st intro riff)
Em7       E            Esus   E
What can I say without being profound, 
       Am-   Am		       G	 A
It's a game that we play, goes round and round
        Em7    E		 Esus  	      E
I shall stick to the rules and I won't stop a fool
      Am-       Am	    G		  A
And I won't be defied and I won't lose my cool,
          Em7     E		       Esus       E
Can't you see what I've done can't you see what I do?
	 Am-   Am		G          A
It's not really unique but it's hopelessly cruel,
	Em7     E	     Esus   E
These are my decisions these are my mistakes
	 G			 A (single strum)
And I'll fall down again if that what it takes...

Play riff:
Em7  E	Esus  E   G   A

Cool bit: (slow single strums)

A  Asus4  A
A  Asus4  Am
A6 A6sus4 A6


D  G A G A   (<---G here is just an open chord: 000000)

Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4  
 /    /   /   /  /////    ( / = single strum)

Asus4 Am Asus4 Am Asus4 Am
 /    /   /    /        trem bar...(woaw)

D  G A G A

Repeat this 3 times...
Finish with a good:

D  G A G A

Et Voila!


E	022100
Em7	020000
Esus4	022200
Am-	002110  <-  could be C6 032110
Am	002210
Am7	002213
D	x00232
G	320033
A	x02220
Asus4	x02230
A6	x02222
A6sus4	x02232


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